Saturday, May 1, 2010

Well Its All About Marie Janae!!!

HMMM!! sO im here! This is me, Marie Janae, Finally blogging! I suppose im going to keep a daily blog of my lifee? I need this!!! This Fashion thing is getting outta control, and I woulddd loveee the world to be part of my every experience and what I go through till I make it to the TOP!

WAIT! so, if ya didnt know already!!! I livee, BREATH, eat, sleep, everyyything fashionnnnnn! Without fashion, what the hell else would there be?!

And yes of course, where would I be without the wonderous DrewBrando - hes my wonderful assistant he also does styling, modeling, creative directing all that damn good stuff in the fashion world, and with my line! Hes into everything and hes awesomeee!!! Wherever I am, hes there! No matter what!!

Fashion transcends with love, music, creativity and the future!!